Life as We Knew It

Life as We Knew It
By Susan Beth Pfeffer
Published by Harcourt, Inc.
Copyright © 2006

Blurb: I love a good “What if…?” book and “Life as We Knew It” is as good as it gets. What if an asteroid hit the moon and pushed it closer to earth? I am not sure if all of the science behind this novel is accurate, but anyone with a basic education is aware of how the moon affects life on earth so the scenarios presented in this book seem very plausible. For me, Pfeffer drives home just how dependent we are on forces outside of our atmosphere. Also, she nails how dangerous it could be for us to be dependent on foreign oil if a global disaster did hit. Written for teens, this is a great book for adults as well. 


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Filed under Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

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