Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 2: The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: 
The Sea of Monsters

By Rick Riordan
Published by Miramax Books
Copyright © 2006

 Blurb: Riordan has hit another home run in the Percy Jackson Series. After how good “The Lightning Thief” was I was worried that “The Sea of Monsters” would let me down, but it didn’t. the first book was a little more memorable because it is hard to top a 12 year old boy just finding out he is a demigod; that book had the element of surprise. The second book is great because it introduces us to more characters some good and some bad thus surprising us in a different way. He continues his surprises clear to the end of the book and gives you the dreaded cliff hanger, which is okay since I have book 3 right next to me and ready to go.

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Filed under Adventure, Fantasy, Junior Fiction

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