This Book is Overdue – Marilyn Johnson

This Book is Overdue! – How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
by Marilyn Johnson
Published by Harper
Copyright © 2010

The stereotypical library worker is a female wearing a long skirt and a blouse with black rimmed glasses. She has an aversion to technology, loves the Dewey Decimal system, and is constantly shushing people.

While most library workers are still female, Marilyn Johnson shatters the other stereotypes. She introduces us to a world of librarians who have rainbow colored hair and tattoos, who love computers and the internet (when they work right), and who perform synchronized dance routines with book carts.

Johnson describes the value of librarians wherever they may be found, whether in the physical world or the virtual world, for their ability to connect us with information quicker than we could do ourselves. Often times finding us things we didn’t even know we needed until they gave it to us. They are champions of free speech and freedom of information. They level the playing field between the rich and the poor providing all with equal access to information. They open the world to us in our own back yards, wherever our backyard happens to be.

If you want a greater appreciation for your local library, if you are a librarian looking for new ideas, or if you are interested in looking into librarianship as a profession this is a great book to start with.


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