The Titan’s Curse

Percy Jackson & the Olympians – Book 3

The Titan’s Curse

By Rick Riordan

Published by Mirimax/Hyperion Books

Copyright © 2007

Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia are on a scouting mission at a private school to find two more half-bloods, when they are caught between a rock and a hardplace, or rather an army helicopter and a Manticore. In the ensuing battle Annabeth goes missing. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and her huntresses appear and save them. Artemis calls her brother Apollo, to take her hunters and the demi-gods back to camp, and she goes off in search of an ancient monster by herself. Soon she goes missing as well.  Percy is eager to go on the quest to help find Artemis and Annabeth but he is not chosen to go on this quest that will mix huntresses with demi-gods. Percy strikes out on his own, which is against camp rules. It is soon clear though that the quest is going to need everyone that it can get when they find out that they are up against another titan.

Riordan gives us another action packed adventure that mixes Greek mythology with modern teen life. We are seeing Percy grow before us to the age of 14 now, and amidst slaying beasts and monsters we see the growth of his various relationships. This series keeps sucking you in on so many levels.

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