The Bus: My Life In and Out of the Helmet

The Bus: My Life In and Out of a Helmet

By Jerome Bettis and Gene Wojciechowski

Published by Doubleday

Copyright 2007

            Jerome Bettis A.K.A. “The Bus” is well known for his exploits on the field as a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is admired around the league and by fans around the world not only for his football accomplishments but also for his charitable work. In this book we get to see the man behind the helmet. Jerome Bettis gives the reader a brief history of his life from his days growing up in a tough Detroit neighborhood down through his career in the NFL with the Steelers.

            In this book Jerome is very candid about the mistakes he made in his life, from shoplifting to drug dealing, but he doesn’t make excuses for his actions. He puts those things out there so the reader will understand where he has come from. He also wants his readers to understand that he recognized the need to change his way of life because he knew it would lead him down a path of incarceration or even death.

            For readers who are more interested in football Jerome succinctly details his career on the field and behind the scenes. He chronicles his career from his decision to play for Notre Dame University and Coach Lou Holtz, why the St. Louis Rams traded him, and what made him come back for one more year to play in Super Bowl XL. Jerome talks about wins, losses, injuries (when they happened and when they were reported) and even candidly describes his disagreements with coaches and ownership.

            In a sports landscape full of felons, cheaters, and selfish players Jerome Bettis is a breath of fresh air, and now you can see just why people love “The Bus”.


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