Granddad's Fishing Buddy

Granddad’s Fishing Buddy

By Mary Quigley

Illustrated By Stephane Jorisch

Published by Dial Books for Young Readers

Copyright 2007

Sara is staying with her grandparents on the lake. She doesn’t want to miss anything while she was there, so she stays awake all night. She hears her grandfather get up and learns that he is going to meet his fishing buddy. Sara wants to go with him. He lets her come and she learns how her grandfather fishes and she even catches a fish with some peculiar bate. But, she never exactly gets to meet her grandfathers fishing buddy. The twist of who is Granddad’s fishing buddy is what really makes this book.

This is a wonderful book to share with your grandchildren. I enjoy seeing books that show there is more to life than television and video games, like “listening to owls, counting stars, playing shadow games,” and well… fishing while spending time with someone you love.


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