The Vintage Caper

The Vintage Caper

by Peter Mayle

Published by Alfred A. Knopf

Copyright © 2009


If you enjoy reading a mystery as light and airy as French Croissant, then this is the book for you. It is a wonderful “who done it” with out all the violence. It is a fast read that is extremely enjoyable. It will leave you with wonderful dreams of the French coast and wonderful meals, rather than dreams of murder and mayhem.

            Danny Roth is high powered Los Angeles entertainment lawyer who loves the finer things in life. But it isn’t enough for him to have the finer things; he needs to show them off. One thing that Danny is proud of is his fine taste in wine and the expense to which he has gone to attain it, and so he requests that the L.A. Times do a story on his fabulous wine cellar. Shortly after this he goes on vacation, and while he is gone the cellar is robbed of all his precious French wines.

            While his cellar was insured, it was not insured for as much as he claims it is worth. With his temper and big mouth Danny is proving to be a headache for the police and the insurance company. So they call in Sam Levitt a former corporate lawyer, thief, and wine connoisseur. Sam will chase this wine from Los Angeles, to Paris, Bordeaux, and Marseille. Who actually stole the wine is one mystery, but how they plan on getting it back is another.

            Peter Mayle lives in Provence and loves his adopted home and its wine. His love of all things French, including the varying personalities of the natives, is evident in this book.  You will find yourself enjoying them as much as he does. When his story moves from L.A. to France you almost feel your own stress levels reduce. While the plot and characters are not deep, they are entertaining and they are there to give us a reason to go to France in our minds. As if we needed a reason!

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