Dave Barry's History of the Millenium (So Far)

Dave Barry’s History of the Millenium (So Far)

By Dave Barry

Published by Thorndike Press

Copyright 2007


Dave Barry has got a screw loose and that is alright with me. In his thirty-first book of zany commentary Dave half-wittedly attempts to leave his mark on the annals of history. But, of course this is a condensed and rather skewed history. The names, places, and events are sarcastically and hilariously strewn about the pages the way only Dave Barry can do it.

While his history of the millennium is hilarious, his sarcasm makes quite a few valid points that you would have to be dumber than the proverbial door knob to miss: A) our government is screwed up, 2) they don’t call it a media circus for nothing, and ♣) if you live in Florida your house will be blown down by a hurricane and your vote will be miscounted.

Enjoy the book; I’m sure you’ll find something in it that’s hilarious and true.


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Filed under Adult Non-Fiction, History, Humor

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