The Canadians

The Canadians

By Andrew H. Malcom

Published by Times Books

Copyright © 1985


Our neighbors to the north – people that we think we understand just because we speak the same language. We really don’t though.

 This book is 25 years old, however it provides a historical look at the Canadian environment, politics, economy, and psyche. When we think of Canada and its people we think of mountains and snow, lakes and trees, Beavers and Moose, beer and donuts, and maybe the differences in how we speak English, Eh? But there is a lot more to Canadians than meets the eye and Malcolm gives us a little peak at them.


Although it is quite outdated, I found this book to be enjoyable in its descriptions of geography and people. It is also quite interesting to learn about the complex relationship between Canada and its bigger brother to the south, the U.S.A. The book drags quite a bit when the lengthy discussion of Canada’s economy is broached, but at points it is nonetheless useful in discerning the differences in how our countries do things.

This book is obviously not for everyone, but for those who enjoy cultural geography this book is worth a glance, a skim, and maybe even an in depth read.  


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