The Brave

The Brave

By Nicholas Evans

Published by Little, Brown and Company

Copyright © 2010


Tommy Bedford is young boy growing up in England. He loves American westerns and wishes he was courageous and strong like his favorite cowboys. But Tommy is the object of ridicule at his boarding school. When secrets about his parents come to light though, Tommy’s life is turned upside down as he comes face to face with a westerns star, and moves to America with his mother. Unfortunately for Tommy “all that glitters is not gold” and in horrible twists of fate his mother is tried, convicted, and given a death sentence. The details of this time in his life haunt him to the present.


Tom is now in his 50’s. He lives in Montana where he went to college, and he is a writer of little note. He has been divorced for years, and has been estranged from his son for the last few. His son has followed his step-father’s footsteps into the marines, and while stationed in Iraq the unthinkable happens and he is facing a court martial.  Tom, now sober, tries everything he can to regain a relationship with his son and help him out of this horrible predicament.


In “The Brave” Evans serves up Tom’s story separating his early life from his modern life. While Tom’s story is definitely interesting, the real intrigue from this book comes from wanting to know exactly why his mother was executed. Evan’s works up to this as his climax switching back and forth between Young Tommy’s and Old Tom’s story where in the end he finally reveals to his son what he hasn’t revealed to anyone else.


The story itself will suck you in, but unfortunately about halfway through this book the language just completely degenerates. If you find barrages of foul language to be useless and vulgar, then do not read this book.

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Filed under Adult Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Psychological

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