Linger (Must Read)


By Maggie Stiefvater

Published by Scholastic Press

Copyright © 2010

Grace and Sam are back. In Shiver Maggie introduces us to a sad and brooding werewolf named Sam, who is in love with a high school junior named Grace. We follow each of them as they fall in love, and Sam fights the elements to keep from shifting back into a wolf for good.

In Linger Grace and Sam are back. Sam seems to be cured and we get quite a bit more depth into his psyche, his love for life as a human and his indie rock personality. In this sequel though, it is Grace who is quietly slipping away towards deaths door.  She was bitten by a werewolf as a child, but she never changed.  Whatever is wrong with Grace is related to that episode, but since doctors don’t even know or believe that this werewolf disease exists there is no one who can help Grace. Or is there? To make everything worse Grace’s parents have found out about her, and have forbidden her to see Sam.

Enter Isabel and Cole. Isabel is the sister of Jack, a high school Jock who was bitten by a werewolf and died from the same thing that cured Sam. Cole is one of the new recruits that Beck brought back from Canada tied up in the back of his vehicle near the end of the last book. Cole is trying to run away from his life, but since he can’t bring himself to commit suicide he chooses to lose himself by being a wolf. These two might just be exactly who Grace needs to help her, but can they do it before it is too late?

This sequel keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will Sam & Grace get caught? What is wrong with Grace? Who is Cole and why does he want to be a wolf? Will Grace Shift? The questions that pile up as you read this book push you to finish. Also the introduction of the point of view of two more characters increases the interest levels as you get to meet two new people, especially two people who are such a stark contrast to Sam & Grace. Maggie Stiefvater really has a way with creating complex characters that you can get invested in; characters that you want to hate but can’t and characters that you want to love but can’t. Now we just have to wait for book 3.

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Filed under Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult Fiction

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