The Lost Hero

The Heroes of Olympus Book 1

The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan

Published by Disney/Hyperion

Copyright © 2010


The Heroes of Olympus picks up where Percy Jackson and the Olympians left off. The Titans have been defeated and all should be well, but just as after the first Titan War Olympus faced another more dangerous peril, so they will now after the second Titan War.  The gods must begin to appreciate their children more fully or they will be defeated.

Three new heroes have appeared, but one of them has amnesia. When they are brought to Camp Half-Blood we find out that these three were supposed to hold the answer to the strange disappearance of Percy Jackson. Coincidence? I think not.

I don’t want to give too much away because half of the fun of these Riordan books is the twists that these heroes get caught up in like: Which god will claim them as their child? Who must they defeat? Which monsters will show up? And how will the gods and monsters try to toy with these heroes? In this book we get a few other surprises too, like: There is another camp that has been hidden from these Greek heroes, Hera the god of marriage and fidelity is also the patron of a hero, and there are two heroes that not only have the same godly parent but the same human parent as well.

This new series might seem too much like the old series to enjoy. The story is rather formulaic: A couple of children/teens are saved from monsters at their school and are taken to Camp Half-Blood, three campers go on a quest preceded by a prophecy, they are helped in some way by their patron god, and they defeat monsters and live to fight an even greater evil in the next book. On the other hand this formula seems to work. It kept me riveted and reading in the last series, and Riordan is throwing in just enough new stuff to keep me interested this time around. Let’s hope this keeps up in book 2.

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