The Lightning Thief – Graphic Novel

Percy Jackson & the Olympians:

The Lightning Thief – Graphic Novel

By Riorda/Venditti/Futaki/Villarrubia

Published by Disney/Hyperion Books

Copyright ©2010


Percy is a troubled kid. He has been diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. But come to find out for someone like him it’s normal. Percy is a demigod. He is the offspring of a Greek god and a human. As in the mythology of ancient times such demigods are called heroes, and it is often up to them to help the gods and to save humanity. In “The Lightning Thief” someone has stolen Zeus’ master bolt and the gods are on the verge of all out war. It is up to Percy to find and retrieve the bolt and return it to Olympus before it is too late.

This 128 page graphic novel adaptation of the best selling junior fiction/young adult novel is great. It stays true to the book. It doesn’t really change much of the story. For brevities sake it does omit certain parts of the novel which aren’t necessary to move the story along. This graphic novel is a great book to hand to a reluctant reader to possibly get them interested in reading the novel. Even if it doesn’t motivate them that much, at least you got them to read something.

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