The Morning Show Murders

The Morning Show Murders

By Al Roker & Dick Lochte

Published by Delacorte Press

Copyright © 2009


Billy Blessing is an amazingly popular chef, restaurateur, TV show host, and Morning News Show Personality. And now he is the prime suspect in his boss, Rudy Gallagher’s, murder.

This book starts out with that very Al Roker type of humor, which made me wonder how much I could handle, but after a couple chapters it calmed a little with the occasional flare up. This left me wondering if Al Roker was just coming into his own as a writer or if I could just see the lines of demarcation between what Al wrote and what his co author Dick Lochte wrote. It wasn’t as seemless as I would like.

As I continued to read the story it did begin to suck me in, but I had to stop reading at page 83. Now let me begin by saying – It is hard to find a book today that isn’t filled with profanity of some sort, so I do expect some bad language in nearly every adult novel I read. I am no prude, but I do have my limits when it comes to bad language. I thought something by Al Roker might be relatively safe.  I was wrong. This is a 312 page novel. In the first 83 pages I read the F – Word 4 or 5 times. (I didn’t count any of the other words.) That was enough to lead me to believe that it wasn’t going to get much better.

If you don’t mind a story filled with bad language then you may enjoy this mystery, what I saw of the characters and plot was fairly intriguing. But if you aren’t a big fan of the constant and consistent use of bad language then you will be very disappointed in big Al’s work.


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