The Annotated Casey at the Bat

The Annotated “Casey At the Bat”

By Martin Gardner

Published by Clarkson N. Potter Inc.

Copyright © 1967


This is a collection of ballads about the Mighty Casey, with introduction and notes by Martin Gardner. The original Mighty Casey Poem was written by Earnest L. Thayer. It became so popular that many a poet, author, and newspaperman copies or parodied it. And many more came up with their own sequels to the Casey at the Bat story, including Casey’s Revenge and Casey’s Sister at the Bat. I am a big fan of baseball and love the original Casey poem. The copies are a bit boring, because it is obviously very redundant to read them. Even many of the sequels follow the original so closely that it is boring. There are a couple standouts that a baseball fan should read at least once though. They include: “He Never Heard of Casey,” “The Man who Fanned Casey,” “Casey on the Mound,” “Casey 20 Years Later,” and “Like Kelly Did.”

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