Eternal on the Water

Eternal on the Water

By Joseph Monninger

Published by Center Point

Copyright © 2010

Cobb is a teacher at a swank private school in New Hampshire. He is on a little sabbatical to follow Henry David Thoreau’s path along the Allagash River in Maine so that he can write a book about it. Before he even gets to the river he meets Mary. She is a University of New Hampshire Biologist who studies crows; she is also kayaking on the Allagash to meet up with the Chungamunga girls. Cobb is quiet and gentlemanly and Mary is forward and a bit eccentric, but they both fall in love instantly.

If only life was fair though. Mary and Cobb must make a decision that will inevitably end in heartbreak either way. They have to decide how much is love worth when you know the outcome? While their meeting was a coincidence the very reason for their having met are what make this love story so tragic and moving at the same time.

Jeff Monninger has created a wonderfully timeless love story that is as tragic, yet meaningful, as they come. He takes the reader to beautiful locales such as Wilderness New England, Yellowstone, and Indonesia. He has written around Cobb and Mary such an extraordinary supporting cast that you wish you could delve into their stories as well.

While not terribly graphic, there did seem to be a love scene overload in the first half of the book. I don’t read love stories often, and when I do, I read them because they were recommended as good stories not for the sex. In this book, however, the story and the writing are so good that it is easy to skip most of that and not miss a beat.

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