The Walk

The Walk

Richard Paul Evans

Published by Simon & Schuster

Copyright ©2010

Alan Christofferson had it all; he had a job he loved and a wife he loved, not to mention the large house and expensive cars. Then the unthinkable happens; I won’t spoil that for you other than to say that he loses it all. This is when Alan’s journey “The Walk” really begins.

After losing everything Alan wants to get as far away as he can. He lives in Seattle, Washington, so he decides that he will walk all the way To Key West, Florida. As he begins his journey he mulls over everything that has happened to him, and he can’t help but be bitter. As he travels Alan begins to meet people who impart little bits of wisdom that will help him more than he knows.

This book was enjoyable to read, but I have mixed emotions on it. The main character is very easy to root for because he is a genuinely honest and nice person who has horrible things happen to him. Richard does a really good job of writing the worst time that a person can have, and then pulling something good out of it. However there are a couple things that bother me about the story. No out of shape man is going to walk 20 and 30 miles a day, especially over the type of terrain that Washington has from east to west. I know this is fiction, but it needs to be closer to realistic. Second, I just don’t agree with some of the bits of theology represented in the story. However those with the ability to look over the mileage he walks, and those who agree with or can ignore the theology will really enjoy this inspirational book.


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