The End of the Road

The End of the Road

by Sue Henry

Published by New American Library

Copyright © 2009

Maxie McNabb and her Mini-Dachshund, Stretch, have decided to stay home in Homer, Alaska this winter instead of heading south in her RV. Homer is a quaint little tourist town that locals often characterize this way: “Homer – A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.”

While taking Stretch out for a walk on the spit (a narrow stretch of land jutting into the ocean) Maxie meets a man by the name of John Walker. Seeing as the weather is about to turn bad, and he has walked out, she offers to give him a ride back to his hotel in town.  Days later after having spent some time in Homer, John Walker is found dead in his hotel room. John’s comments and actions make it seem like it could be a suicide, but there is more to this mystery than there seems. Maxie seems to be followed up to Anchorage while she is on a shopping trip and when she returns she finds that someone has broken into her house and stayed awhile.

Sue Henry’s description of Alaska and the type of down home friendly characters she creates might make one want to move up to Alaska. She makes it feel quaint and maybe not quite so desolate. At some points I wanted to know less about her visiting friends and going shopping, because I wanted to know more about this friendly yet mysterious man that has suddenly died. All in all though, it is a quick and easy read with a rather dramatic ending.

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