The Rendering

The Rendering

By Joel Naftali

Published by Egmont

Copyright © 2011

Doug Solomon is just an average boy, mostly. His parents died when he was younger, so he lives with his Aunt who works for a high tech weapons manufacturer. He also has this uncanny ability to make things malfunction just by being around them. One day while visiting his Aunts place of employment (in the low security areas) it was attacked by a former employee and evil genius named “Roach”, along with a couple of his henchman. He is bent on scanning all human life and turning it into a digital file that he will control to create his own digital utopian society. Needless to say Roach blows the place up and frames Doug. Along the way a lot of weird stuff happens like his Aunt being scanned into the computer and little skunks turning into huge walk on two legs, speak, and fight for the fun of it skunks. Doug and the skunks have to fight Roach (and his organization VIRUS) with the aid of Doug’s friend and techie genius Jamie and his Aunt in the form of web surfing digital artificial intelligence.

I can’t say that I have ever read the scan people out of existence into digital format problem before, so I will give the author an “A” for originality. Once you get past that I can’t say that I care for the book much. The dialogue is cheesy in many places. Doug’s ability to cause malfunction goes pretty much undeveloped for most of the book, which to me would’ve been more interesting than having to be saved by biodigital skunks. At that point the book went from hi-tech to “Ninja Turtles” really fast. Not the worst book I’ve ever read, but probably wouldn’t read it again or look for the sequel (which from the ending seems to be in the works.)


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Filed under Adventure, Junior Fiction, Loss/Death, Science Fiction

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