By Patrick F. McManus

Published by Simon & Schuster

Copyright © 2007

“Always listen for the kerplunk.” This was the first bit of fishing advice that Patrick McManus remembers, and it was an important bit of advice too. At six years old, and barely tall enough to see over the weeds at the river bank, without the “kerplunk” he could be sure that his line hadn’t landed in the water.

Thus begins the book “Kerplunk!” a collection of humorous short stories originally published in Outdoor life magazine. In his columns McManus shares his love of the outdoors by sharing some of his many trips through it. McManus adeptly and entertainingly shares his outdoor adventures and misadventures. He shows why camping in comfort takes the fun out of being outdoors, why fly fishing is not a stress reducer, how boat trailers cause divorces, and why February is the most depressing month of the year.

If you are an outdoorsman, or if you’re related to one, you will find this book very entertaining, and you might just find the secret to being a great fisherman or hunter in these pages as well. Of all the things you might learn though, you’ll learn that you don’t have to be a great fisherman or hunter to be an outdoorsman, you just have to enjoy being out in nature.


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