Dillon Dillon

Dillon Dillon.

by Kate Banks

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Copyright 2002

Who ever heard of someone having the same first and last name? For some strange reason Dillon Dillon’s parents decided to do that to him, but he isn’t sure why.

Dillon likes to believe in the impossible. He enters cereal box contests in the hopes of winning big and he likes to wonder about the “what if’s”. (Like what if he was part bird?) Dillon has always felt a little different like something isn’t quite right, especially given his name. On his 10th birthday, which always falls during their summer vacation at the lake, he finally asks why he was named “Dillon Dillon”, and the answer he gets will turn his world inside out. The rest of that summer Dillon spends watching and interacting with a family of loons and he sees his life played out in theirs.

This is a spellbinding book for children ages 9-13 about family relations, what’s in a name, and what makes us who we are.


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Filed under Families, Junior Fiction, Loss/Death, Nature/Animals

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