Love That Dog

Love That Dog

by Sharon Creech

Published by Joanna Cotler Books

Copyright 2001

Mrs. Stretchberry assigns her class poetry assignments and as she continues to work with them, one young boy finds out that poetry isn’t just for girls. Though he doesn’t think he has much to write about, as he continues to listen to the classic poetry that his teacher shares with the class he begins to open up and share some of the things that have been on his mind; like his yellow dog. 

While the free verse poetry style Sharon Creech writes in seems overly simple, the complexity of the feelings and emotions of the main character are really touching. This book, suitable for children ages 9-12, is a wonderful tool to help children appreciate that poetry doesn’t have to be cryptic; it can tell a story and express emotion. I also really enjoyed the poetry she selected to help her write the story, which can be found at the end of the book. Great Read!


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Filed under Communities, Elementary/Middle School, Junior Fiction, Loss/Death, Nature/Animals, Poetry

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