A Report from the Border

A Report from the Border

By Anne Stevenson

Bloodaxe Books

Copyright © 2003

“A report from the Border”, published in 2003, is a relatively new book of poems by a prolific poet. Anne Stevenson was born in 1933 in Britain to American parents. She grew up in the U.S., but decided to make her permanent residence in Britain. The backdrop of the poetry in this book is decidedly British with the occasional American reference. While the writing style is quite youthful this book is like looking at the reflection of youth in the eyes of age and experience. The poems range from topics of love, relationships, death, and illness, to those of terror and politics, but they are always seen through the same eyes.

I have never loved every poem in any book of poetry I have read, and this book is no exception, but there are some wonderfully crafted poems in this book that will make you happy, sad, or even reflective. A few recommendations from this book are: “Questionable”, “A Marriage”, and “Almost Lives”.


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