Inkspell (Must Read)


By Cornelia Funke

Published by the Chicken House

Copyright © 2005

The Inkworld books are wonderful because they vividly express the power of the written word, and how the ability to read well opens up whole new worlds to us. This is true for all of us, but especially so with children.

In “Inkspell” we pick up with Meggie and Mo a year after their run in with Capricorn and his gang. They are living with Elinor in her house by the lake which is filled with books. The only books that Meggie is interested in though, are the notebooks that she has written in describing what her mother can tell her (using sign language) about the Inkworld. She would so love to see it for herself but that seems to be just a dream.

Meanwhile, Dustfinger and Farid have continued to search for a way to get back to the Inkworld where Dustfinger came from. Dustfinger finds a man, Orpheus, who reads so well that he reads characters out of books too, but he also has the ability to write people into books as well. This is all very well for Dustfinger, but what he doesn’t know is that Mortola and Basta have found him first and they have unpleasant plans for Dustfinger, Mo, and Meggie.

This book takes a wonderful turn that the original did not. In the first part of this series the characters are read out of an obscure childrens book called “Inkheart” and these characters must learn to adjust to the real world, in this book real people are read into the Inkworld and they must learn to adjust there. The Inkworld is very beautiful – filled with high mountains, tall trees, fairies, elves, and wild animals. It is also very dangerous; the writer of this children’s book seemed to like his bad guys to0 much, and even though they weren’t supposed to, they kind of took over the Inkworld.

This story is 635 pages long and has dozens of integral characters that would take many pages to explain, but suffice it to say that it takes you on a magical journey full of surprises. The ending will leave you wanting more as well, which is great because “Inkspell” is the second book in the Inkworld trilogy. That’s right it’s a trilogy! So if you haven’t read the first one what are you waiting for. If you have read the first one then you will love the second one, and besides you have to read it to get to the third (which is to be called “Inkdeath”.)

Cornelia Funke has created a magical book where we learn that the pen is truly mightier than the sword. I recommend this book to everyone 10 – 110. I know it sounds long, but if you can read a Harry Potter book this one will be no problem.


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