Is This a Great Game, or What?

Is This a Great Game, or What?

By Tim Kurkjian

Published by St. Martin’s Press

Copyright 2007

Baseball is a game that, for the fan, fills you up, empties you out, breaks your heart, and makes you fall in love all over again. It is a game of memories which remind you of special or important times in your life. It is the bonder of generations. I am a fan of baseball. Baseball is not my life, but it has been the backdrop of many events of my life. Baseball is still the great American past time. Baseball entertains, provides summer long intrigue and struggle, and it gives completely different people a common ground on which to converse.

Tim Kurkjian, a former beat writer and current baseball commentator for ESPN, talks to us about his life in baseball and attempts to remind us why baseball is so great. He has followed the game professionally for over 25 years, and he has seen a lot of baseball in that time (over 3,000 games). The author introduces us to his views of baseball and the personalities he has met within the sport. He provides commentary on baseball statistics, scouting, and great players. He describes what things in baseball bother, confuse, and intrigue him. He also talks about what worries him about children and baseball today. Tim Kurkjian sounds off and explains many things that we may have wondered about baseball, and even on things we never knew or thought about.

For the baseball fan this is great reading. You will get inside information into your favorite sport and even into one of your favorite televisions shows (Baseball Tonight). Those less interested in Baseball will still find this book full of interesting characters and funny stories, and you may even understand family and friends who love baseball a little better.


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