Shakespeare: The World as Stage

Shakespeare – The World as Stage

By Bill Bryson

Published by Atlas Books

Copyright © 2007

People love a good mystery. Even more than that though, people love to speculate on good mysteries and turn their opinions into facts. Such is the case with the poet and playwright William Shakespeare. But, what can we really know about Shakespeare?

Volumes upon volumes of books have been written about Shakespeare, and yet here is another volume. But this one is a little different. Many Shakespeare researchers and authors often go into their work with preconceived notions, and they try to prove those notions anyway possible. Bill Bryson on the other hand removes suppositions and opinions and presents only the facts available. And from these he shows us what we can know for a certainty about William Shakespeare. One might find what we can know to be a little shocking considering his status as literary genius and legend. This book is a must read for those interested in literary history, or for those looking for a concise background on one of the world’s most famous literary figure.

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