The Hounds and the Fury

The Hounds and the Fury

By Rita Mae Brown

Published by Ballantine Books

Copyright © 2006

“The Hounds and the Fury” is one in a long list of novels focused on “Sister,” Jane Arnold, and the Jefferson Hunt Club. Set in pastoral Virginia the events of this book revolve around fox hunting and the master of the hunt Jane.

As a mystery novel the story and plot were only a cut above average. As with most mysteries there are multiple murders. These are tied to embezzlement and insurance fraud. The mystery really takes a back seat in this book though. What I enjoyed most about the book was how informative it was regarding American Fox hunting. I do appreciate it when I can be informed and entertained at the same time. Learning that rarely is a fox killed in a hunt, learning the code of ethics and tradition involved in the hunt, and getting a peak behind the scenes of how a hunt is run kept the story lively. This book is tailored more towards the individual interested in upper class Virginians than someone interested in a suspenseful hard to figure out mystery.


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Filed under Adult Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Strong Sense of Place

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