The Riesling Retribution

The Riesling Retribution: A Wine Country Mystery

By Ellen Crosby

Published by Scribner

Copyright © 2009

When one thinks of wine country, one thinks of France, Italy, and California. But the truth of the matter is, where ever man has lived he (or she) has attempted to grow grapes and make wine. Having worked in a local Pennsylvania winery, having made wine myself, and having lived in the south for 10 years the setting for Ellen Crosby’s Wine Country Mysteries is easy for me to get into and follow. But don’t worry it’s not a book filled with too much technical jargon, and where she does use it she explains the meaning. For the average reader this is useful information.

In this installment Lucie Montgomery and Quinn  Santori are getting ready to harvest the Riesling grapes for their signature wine, but they are having problems galore.

While Lucie is out in the fields a tornado comes through and rips up some of the new vines. It also rips up something else unexpected, a skeleton. The local police feel that it was probably a family member who committed the crime.

Also ever since Lucie hired a new winery manager, Chance, things have been going wrong. Equipment and wine has gone missing, they can’t find good help, and expensive tanks of wine have been ruined. Quinn, the winemaker, has just about had it with all the nonsense and is about ready to go to blows with chance.

And then the Montgomery estate is hosting a Civil War Reenactment that just doesn’t seem like its going to go off with out a hitch and boy is it a big hitch.

To top it all off there is the continuing romantic tension between Lucie and Quinn. With all this you won’t be able to put down the book without wanting to know what happens next.

This book is what many might call an easy read but with a rich set of background characters, a familiar yet beautiful setting, and engaging plots it sucks you in and is very enjoyable. With every installment of this series you get to know the Montgomery’s and the town of Atoka a little better. It is definitely worth a read on a rainy day.

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Filed under Adult Fiction, Food, Historical, Mystery, Strong Sense of Place

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