The Dream Stealer

The Dream Stealer

By Sid Fleischman

Illustrated by Peter Sís

Published by Green willow Books

Copyright © 2009

Susana’s best friend, Consuelo Louisa has moved away, and they did not part on the best terms. Susana’s is upset and blames her for moving away, but she really wishes to see her again.

Susana does see her again. She and Consuelo Louisa are playing tag together, riding a merry-go-round, and even riding horses together. Of course it is all in her dreams, but her dream is so wonderful, that is until her dream was snatched by the Dream Stealer. The Dream Stealer is only supposed to steal nightmares but he has taken to stealing good dreams instead. Susana wants her dream back though, and she will have to catch the dream stealer to do it. And we all know that the best way to catch a dream stealer is with green chili peppers.

In the “Dream Stealer” Sid Fleischman delivers a wonderful fairy tale about not giving up on friendship.  He also showcases that courage is not reliant upon size and strength. Sometimes it is easy to lose our courage and someone needs to remind us how vital it is, and Fleischman does that without the need of being overtly scary or violent – which are always a plus. This is a great book for children ages 8-12 to read themselves, but I think an even better book to read as a bedtime story to children of any age.

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