By Jerry Spinelli

Published by Alfred A. Knopf

Copyright © 2007

When last we saw Stargirl it was from the point of view of one Leo Borlock. (If you have not yet read the book “Stargirl” do not read this book until you have.) He made the mistake of turning his back on her and not taking her to the Ocotillo Ball. Stargirl moves away shortly after the ball and Leo doesn’t see her again. The question hangs in the readers mind: Will they ever see each other again?  “Love, Stargirl” is the sequel to “Stargirl” and it reveals (sort of) the answer to that question.

Stargirl’s father was burned out working for Micatronics and he decided to do what he always wanted to do: be a milkman. So, they up and move from Arizona to Pennsylvania. There, in Pennsylvania, Stargirl tells how she is coping with life after Leo, in a letter/journal she doesn’t even plan on sending. She makes many new friends like Dootsie an impetious five year old, Alvina a rough and tumble tomboy, and Betty Lou a middle aged agoraphobic who used to be a “blossom” just to name a few. While Stargirl has decided to stay true to herself she just can’t seem to be happy, because inside just beneath the surface of her skin she still loves and misses Leo very much. All of that is tested though when she meets the mysterious and quite misunderstood Perry Delloplane and begins to have feelings for him. The only problem is she can’t tell what her feelings are. All the while Stargirl has found another enchanted place and has begun a project in anticipation of the winter solstice. While meditating in the enchanted place Stargirl is sure to send out a mental inquiry to Leo in hopes that he will hear it. When the winter solstice arrives she receives a special visitor and a special letter that help answer her question.

“Love, Stargirl” is a must read for anyone who has read and enjoyed “Stargirl”. Stargirl is a truly caring person. She shows us the healing power of love, kindness, and hope. In the end it helps to heal her a little too. If everyone knew someone like Stargirl I’m sure that ours would be a happier world.

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Filed under High School, Romance, Strong Sense of Place, Young Adult Fiction

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