The Perfect hamburger and Other Delicious Stories

The Perfect Hamburger and Other Delicious Stories

By Alexander McCall Smith

Illustrated by Laura Rankin

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Copyright © 2007

“The Perfect Hamburger and Other Delicious Stories” is collection of short stories written by the popular author of the best-selling “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Mysteries” Alexander McCall Smith.

In “the Perfect Hamburger” Borthwick’s Burgers is in jeopardy of having to sell out to the new fast food hamburger joint that just opened up down the street. Mr. Borthwick only seems to have one loyal customer, young Joe. One day business is so slow that Mr. Borthwick invites Joe to go back and make his own burger. Joe mixes some herbs and spices in with his burger and ends up making the best burger either one of them have ever tasted. Joe and Mr. Borthwick think they can save his restaurant with the perfect burger. The only problem is the ingredients that Joe used were unlabeled and he doesn’t know how or where to get more.

In “the Spaghetti Tangle” John and Nicky live with their aunt who is the president of the carrot and nut league. They never get to eat out and all they seem to eat at home is vegetables, especially carrots and onions. One day one of their uncles sends Nicky a belated birthday gift of twenty dollars. Nicky decides to do something she and her brother have always wanted to do and that is eat at the restaurant that they walk past everyday after school. They order big bowls of spaghetti, Nicky and John enjoyed it so much that they just have to find a way to have it again. That won’t be easy though, because their Aunt just will not think of eating such things.

Lastly, in “The Doughnut Ring” Jim and his friends want to have a fundraiser to help Mr. Pride by a new car. Mr. Pride is about to retire and someone stole his car, He won’t be able to afford a new one. So Jim gets the idea to have a doughnut sale at the school the only problem is that they didn’t make enough doughnuts and people got upset. In order to get more made Jim sent out a chain e-mail with the doughnut recipe asking people to send him doughnuts to sell for the fundraiser. At first it doesn’t seem like anyone will help, but as the next sale approached Jim started to get shipments of doughnuts. Things were looking up. Only one problem though, Jim started to receive way too many doughnuts and there really isn’t a way to stop a chain e-mail. Jim has got to come up with a way to get rid of the doughnuts fast.

These were great short stories and they speak to one of my personal passions – Food! These stories are good, clean, and hungry fun.


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