Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs

Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the Secret UFO’s

By Donald J. Sobol

Published by Dutton Children’s Books

Copyright © 2010

In this latest installment of Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries, E.B. foils the plots of many a perpetrator using his encyclopedic brain and super memory.

While I love the E.B. series I found this one to read more like “Encyclopedia Brown – Better Business Bureau.” Three quarters of the cases in this book revolve around him stopping cheats and liars from swindling children out of their money. While I like these stories I can only take so many in one book. That being said there were some stories that I really liked including: The Case of the Stolen Stamps, The Case of the Scrambled Eggs, and the Case of the Missing Medallions.

This is a great book for beginning readers, and for the Encyclopedia Brown Mega-Fan.


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