The Waters & the Wild

The Waters & the Wild

By Francesca Lia Block

Published by Harper Teen

Copyright © 2009

Lately Bee has been feeling more different than usual. She has been feeling lonely as if it were animate. She has been seeing herself as well. Not in the mirror; in person. She doesn’t know why, but she senses some foreboding in these visions of herself.

She wants to talk to someone about it, but her mom just wouldn’t understand. She wouldn’t believe her. She doesn’t have any friends either, that is until she meets two classmates that are outcasts like herself. Haze is into the paranormal and thinks that he is the spawn of aliens, and Sarah is a heavy set girl with a voice like an angel who thinks she is a reincarnated slave. In these two Bee finally finds people she can open up to, and for once she finally finds a sense of belonging, of happiness. Just as she finds happiness though, she begins to realize that she really doesn’t belong to this world.

In “the Waters & the Wild” Block paints an eerie metaphor for what it’s like to be a teenager trying to find your true identity. Most of us have felt like we’ve been where Bee, Haze, and Sarah are, because all teens are changelings fighting to find out who they truly are.

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Filed under High School, Obesity/Over Weight, Paranormal, Psychological, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

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