Cloaked in Red

Cloaked in Red

By Vivian Vande Velde

Published by Marshall Cavendish

Copyright © 2010

Everyone is familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. LRRH is traveling through the woods on her way to her Granny’s house to bring her a basket of food. When she gets there a wolf has dressed up like her Granny – “What big eyes, ears, and teeth you have”… “The better to eat you with!” “Ahhhh!” and then the woodsman comes around and saves LRRH and Granny from the wolf.

A child doesn’t really think much about this story, but as a young adult/adult you may begin to ask logical questions about this story (if you have a lot of time on your hands) like: why does she wear a red cloak? What is her real name? Why did her mother send her unattended through a dangerous wooded area? Why is she sending her to her sick grandmother so she can get sick too?

Vivian Vande Velde has obviously thought about this story a lot, and she provides us with 8 short stories in answer to her own questions. Some of these stories are exciting, some whimsical, some magical, and some humorous. And while I found some stories more enjoyable than others, they were all indeed very imaginative stories sure to keep your attention.

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