Three Black Swans

Three Black Swans

By Caroline B. Cooney

Published by Delacorte Press

Copyright © 2010

When Missy hears a radio talk show discussing newborns she becomes captured in a thought that has been gaining steam in her head for some time now. She was hoping that her cousin Claire would come to the same conclusion. Since this hasn’t happened Missy decides to perpetrate a hoax on her schools in house morning announcement television broadcast to get her cousin to realize that somehow they are identical twins.

Missy thought Claire would be happy to come to this revelation, but even with the truth staring her in the face she has trouble coming to grips with the idea. Even though Missy tells everyone that it was a hoax, it is too late the video feed has gone viral on You Tube and Facebook. Missy and Claire are about to find out something that they would never have believed in a million years, and their lives will never quite be the same.

Three Black Swans is very character driven with well fleshed out main and secondary characters. While not a typical theft or murder mystery, it is still a mystery. It is a mystery of birth, family, and identity. The suspense hooked me from the opening chapter and I had to take this book home to finish it the day I started it.

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Filed under Family, High School, Mystery, Young Adult Fiction

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