Cave Detectives

Cave Detectives:

Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave

By David L. Harrison

Illustrated by Ashley Mims

Published by Chronicle Books

Copyright © 2007

When a road construction crew sets some explosives to help excavate the road bed they end up blowing open a cave that has been hidden for thousands of years. What they find inside turns out be one of the greatest cave discoveries in North American History, not so much for its size as for its age and what it contained. Follow along with the cave explorers as they unearth the mysteries locked within the Riverbluff Cave.

This book will be of interest to junior spelunkers and children interested in Prehistoric and geologic history. This is a great book in that it doesn’t talk down to children, but rather when a scientific word is used it is explained in enough detail to convey the appropriate thought. Again, great book and simple yet enjoyable illustrations and photographs.

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Filed under Geology/Archaeology, Historical, Junior Non-Fiction, True Stories

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