Doubles Troubles

Doubles Troubles

By Betty Hicks

Illustrated by Simon Gane

Published by Roaring Brook Press

Copyright © 2010

Rocky and Henry are doubles partners. Henry is a great tennis player, but he keeps losing because Rocky has a bad serve and backhand. Rocky practices and tries really hard, but tennis isn’t his best game. Henry doesn’t know what to do. He really wants to win but he doesn’t want to give up on Rocky and hurt his feelings. Wanting to win gets the best of Henry though and he is going to regret it. At the same time Henry is going to begin to see what it is like to be the weak link in a doubles equation when he is paired up with Jazz for a history assignment. Jazz is a really good student and Henry is just average, but he tries hard.

This is a great book because it reminds kids that winning isn’t everything, that trying your best does count for something, and that there is nothing better than having good friends. “Doubles Troubles” is just one of many books in the Gym Shorts series by Betty Hicks that fosters the idea of trying your best, sportsmanship, and being a good friend.


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