The Library

The Library

By Sarah Stewart

Illustrated by David Small

Published by Farrar, Straus, Giroux

Copyright © 1995

Oh my! A woman after my own heart. Elizabeth Brown loved to read nearly from birth on. She didn’t much care for doing anything, unless it involved a good book. If there was something she just had to do then she found a way to incorporate reading into it. Elizabeth Brown couldn’t pass a book store without buying a book, but eventually she wouldn’t have room for even one more. What will she do!?

Sarah Stewart has written a picture book for the book worms of the world (I title which I too carry) that encourages reading as a lifelong endeavor, and shows just how much joy The Library can bring. “The Library” is a light and airy story written in rhyme that is accompanied by the illustrations of David Small whose line and watercolor art could be described as light and airy as well. As an aside, the story and art also depict a beautiful, intelligent, and independent girl/woman who know what brings her happiness, and it shows her sharing it. However, this is a great book for boys and girls, of any age.  Useful for independent reading and read-alongs.

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