By Kazu Kibuishi

Published by Graphix

Copyright © 2010

Copper is a compilation of cartoons by Kibuishi about a young man, Copper, and his dog, Fred. The first couple of cartoons are slightly dark and depressing, and then they turn quite optimistic, fun, and meaningful. Kibuishi really hits themes of the difficulties of finding real love and finding purpose, meaning, and joy in life in a way that will really resonate with teens and even many adults.

These cartoons are longer than your usual Sunday Paper fare, and the story lines are a little more thoughtful than most cartoons as well. The art has clean lines and solid bright colors that keep you visually interested. Some of the artwork is really quite stunning and makes the book worth the read just to look at them. I love his scenes of nature and especially the giant mushrooms. This book is also a great read because of the information that Kibuishi provides in the back of the book about how he makes a cartoon, it serves as great inspiration and education for aspiring cartoonists and graphic artists. Love this cartoon collection and recommend it for everyone.


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Filed under Animals, Asian Influence, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Friends, Graphic Novels/Comic Strips

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