The Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster

By Bruce Jones

Illustrated by John Romita Jr. and Tom Palmer

Published by Marvel Comics

Copyright © 2002

This compilation features the return of writer Bruce Jones whose depiction of Bruce Banner is emotional and haunted and whose Hulk has regained a more primitive mind. This Graphic novel contains issues 34-39 of The Incredible Hulk.

Bruce Banner has turned into the Hulk again and has gone on a rampage.  During this rampage a child, Ricky Myers age 9, dies, or so the public is led to believe. Bruce has no choice but to run and try to stay calm to keep the beast within. It is going to be very hard to stay hidden and calm though when an extremely covert government agency is out to get you, hiring some of the deadliest assassins they can find, assassins that just refuse to die.

This is a great story line and the art is fantastic. I’m not a big fan of the what could have been story arc that ends this book, otherwise it’s a fun graphic novel. Thematically and visually this book would be best enjoyed by those ages 16 and up.

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One response to “The Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster

  1. sathruken

    yo guyz, i am a big fan of hulk. as much big as hulk. i have missed the thirs and fourth of this issue, will i get them. Help me if u could…..

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