By John Rocco

Published by Disney-Hyperion Books

Copyright © 2011

A family of four is at home on no particular night, but they really aren’t together. They are all doing their own thing cooking, talking on the phone, using the computer, or playing video games. One member of the family gets the idea to play a board game, but everyone else is too busy to play, that is until the power goes out in the city.

John Rocco has written and illustrated a pointed story about how we tend to get so caught up in nothingness when the most important thing is passing us by – spending time with our families. This lightly worded book has a wonderful moral, and it has fun illustrations that children ages 4 and up will enjoy.

I hope everyone who reads this book will get the point, power down, and spend time with their loved ones.

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Filed under Children's Picture Books, Family, People & Places, Technology

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