Scone Cold Dead

By Kaitlyn Dunnett

Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.

Copyright © 2008

Review by A. Kendrick

Liss MacCrimmon was a dancer for a Scottish song and dance troupe called Strathspey, but she had to give up her life of travel and performance when she blew out her knee. Now she lives in a sleepy little Maine backwater called Moosetookalook where she runs a Scottish Emporium. You would think that Liss’ life would be very quiet and boring, but that is the furthest thing from reality.

Liss’ has taken quite nicely to her new quiet life. She runs the Emporium, teaches dance, and even has a boyfriend, Dan Ruskin. She seems rather satisfied with her life, but she has booked Strathspey for a show in a nearby college town, and she begins to feel pangs for her old life. Something goes terribly wrong though, when, at the after show party the troupe’s manager dies of an apparent allergic reaction, but with a little digging by the local police it becomes clear that this was no accident; it was murder!

Kaitlyn Dunnett has won me over with a female sleuth who is not only independent but attractive, a beautiful New England setting, and a love for Scottish/Gaelic heritage. This murder mystery was light, fun, and happily devoid of any gore. There is no super surprise as to who the killer was, rather there is a slow reveal and a moment of enlightenment. It is kind of nice when you are figuring out who the murderer is just before the author reveals it. (It makes you field smart and intuitive, even if you aren’t.) One caveat to my enthusiasm for this story is that a mild romantic triangle begins to develop which, unfortunately, does not come to resolution in this book. I don’t really care for romantic cliff hangers myself. All in all though, this is a quick, enjoyable read.

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Filed under Adult Fiction, Crime, Murder, Mystery, Romance, Strong Sense of Place

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