Yonder the Bridge

by Eva Berck

The Fourth Tuesday and Mystery Book Club

Every reader wishes that they could shout out to an author as they read a book and ask “Why?”  Our book club had the opportunity to do just that at our last meeting.  Eva Berck (Cook) was kind enough to sit with us and answer our questions about her autobiographical book, Yonder The Bridge, for nearly two hours.  She explained why she wrote the book, what it was like growing up in Germany, and meeting her husband, how they got married and began their family.

It is a wonderful story of the life of a courageous young girl.  She tells us about working with a German farm family, badly injuring her leg, and losing her father.  The author grew to be an independent young woman.  She describes her experiences in Greece, as a secretary of the occupying forces, and later in Berlin.  Mrs. Cook explained what it was like in Germany during the World War II and during the peace that followed the conflict.  She, her family, and the German people experienced a lack of food, of resources, and even of hope as they were squeezed between the American victors and the occupying Soviet soldiers.  Although it is a story of her life, it is ultimately a love story, which had to overcome the oppressive Russian forces following the war.  It contributes to our understanding of the history of that time period and what it was like under Soviet rule.

This is one of several books written by Mrs. Cook.  The books are available to read and to buy from the Mary S. Biesecker Library.  They are an important part of the history of our community because they tell a tale of a family that has meant so much to Somerset Borough and to Somerset County.  We highly recommend this book to everyone.

Key Ideas from different club members:

Fantastic; Wonderful story; Captures the reader at the beginning and won’t let go; A little long and it jumped around at times; Excellent writing; Wonderful journal; Kept me interested, I liked it a lot; Very informative; Appreciated hearing Mrs. Cook in person; I have read the book twice; Her style of writing is so entertaining and gives such a vivid picture of the German Culture.

Club Members rating this book:

Anna Baird, Linda Bowman, Alice Fritz, Pat Gombita, Mona Herrell, Pat Kuna, Lee Ann Schrock, Sharon Shaffer, Julia Shultz, Bill Simmons, Lynn Simmons, Helen Skalski, Deb Stewart, Barbara Swanson, and Linda Troll

Club’s Average Rating:   4.4   of   5           Rating Range:    4   to   5


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