The Accidental Bestseller

 accidental bestsellerby Wendy Wax

Reviewed by the Fourth Tuesday and Mystery Book Club

This book describes the behind the scenes process of writing and publishing a book in the highly competitive New York publishing market.  That, however, is not what the story is really about.  It is about four women.  They meet at their very first writers’ conference, become close friends, and are still close a decade later.  Kendall Aims, whose marriage is in shambles, is facing a deadline and hides in a mountain cabin to avoid distractions.  She also faces writer’s block—no ideas.  Her friends come to the rescue.  Each one writes a portion of the novel, incorporating secret aspects of their own lives.  Mallory St. James is a workaholic.  Tanya Mason is a single mom who works at juggling two jobs, two kids and multiple deadlines.  Faye Truett is married to a famous televangelist.  She has financed their lives and his religious work by secretly writing “inspirational romances.”  Each of the four writers bases their part of the book on their secret lives.  They help Kendall meet her deadline and more.  Her once promising writing career, recently on the skids, is reborn.  The friends’ joint effort, much to their surprise and concern, becomes a massive bestseller.  The secret writers implore Kendall to take full credit as the author for fear of exposing their personal lives. 

            This is a very entertaining book, perhaps it is too easy to guess what will happen next, perhaps it is a bit too long, but it is a novel that is a good light read.  It is fast paced, well plotted and well written.  The book also has a satisfying conclusion.  It is enjoyable and worthy of your time.  “The Accidental Bestseller” is a bestseller.  It is rated very high and is highly recommended by the club members who read it.

Key Ideas from different club members

 Enjoyable read, perfect for summer;  Great friendships;  Provided great insight into the writing and publishing world;  Writing industry very cutthroat;  Would like to see a sequel, to find out what happened to each of the writers;  I’d like to read the book that the friends wrote;  “Page turner chick book”;  Enjoyed book and characters, liked knowing the outcome of each author’s life;  Couldn’t put it down.   

The Club Members rating this book:

Linda Bowman, Pat Kuna, Helen Skalski, Linda Troll, Rae Ann Weaver, (Sharon Shaffer, and William Simmons)

Club’s Average Rating: 4.5 of 5                Rating Range: 4 to 5


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