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By Pittacus Lore

Published by Harper

Copyright © 2010

Lorien was a peaceful and progressive planet. Hundreds of years ago the Loriens were faced with the choice of changing the way they treated their environment or face eventual extinction. They decided to change, and their planet healed. Lorien decided to bless some of its people with special powers which would enable them to continue protecting their planet, and so they did. They protected it right down to the day that the Mogadorians invaded in large number with soldiers and giant beasts.

The Mogadorians faced the same decision of saving their planet and decided to use it up and then take over another thriving planet. The Loriens fought valiantly but they were caught by surprised and were outnumbered. However, they did have a contingency plan. They rounded up nine children of the Guarde and put them on a ship bound for earth to await the day that they could return and restore Lorien to its former beauty. The Lorien elders knew that the Mogadorians would try to track down these children and kill them before they developed their powers, so they were given charms that would protect them. The elders could not make them invincible but they could slow down the Mogadorian trackers; they made it so that the children each had a number and they could only be killed in numerical order.

John Smith (a.k.a. Daniel Jones, a.k.a. …) has been on the run for the last 10 years. He and his guardian try to keep a low profile so they don’t have to move so often, but they have been moving nearly every 6 months. The Mogadorians have caught up with numbers one, two, and three. They are now coming after him; he is number four. The Mogadorians are getting more frantic now though, because John is now 15 and he is starting to get his powers. The time to stand up and fight is close.

“I am Number four” is a wildly exciting teen Sci-Fi/Romance novel. When you become John you feel the anxiousness that he feels. He is constantly looking over his shoulders and thinking ever so slowly about his actions. You can feel the pent up frustration when he becomes the target of the school bully. He knows he can end the harassment quickly, but not without having to move again. The romance, while it slows the book down a little, never gets too sappy and actually helps with the drama since he is interested in the ex-girlfriend of the aforementioned bully. In addition, the tension and suspense just build as you continue to wonder when and where the Mogadorians are going to catch up to John.  When they do finally catch up the action does not disappoint with glowing swords, corkscrew daggers, laser blasters, giant man eating animals, and 9 feet tall Mogadorian soldiers. It really seems like more than John can overcome by himself. Fortunately he won’t have to.

This book is awesome! It kind of reminds you of Superman except John is not unique; there are now five others like him out there. I don’t want to give too much away, but you are also going to love Bernie Kosar in this book. That’s all I’m saying.  I am definitely ready for book two in the series “The Power of Six.” (Age 13 and up)


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The Waters & the Wild

The Waters & the Wild

By Francesca Lia Block

Published by Harper Teen

Copyright © 2009

Lately Bee has been feeling more different than usual. She has been feeling lonely as if it were animate. She has been seeing herself as well. Not in the mirror; in person. She doesn’t know why, but she senses some foreboding in these visions of herself.

She wants to talk to someone about it, but her mom just wouldn’t understand. She wouldn’t believe her. She doesn’t have any friends either, that is until she meets two classmates that are outcasts like herself. Haze is into the paranormal and thinks that he is the spawn of aliens, and Sarah is a heavy set girl with a voice like an angel who thinks she is a reincarnated slave. In these two Bee finally finds people she can open up to, and for once she finally finds a sense of belonging, of happiness. Just as she finds happiness though, she begins to realize that she really doesn’t belong to this world.

In “the Waters & the Wild” Block paints an eerie metaphor for what it’s like to be a teenager trying to find your true identity. Most of us have felt like we’ve been where Bee, Haze, and Sarah are, because all teens are changelings fighting to find out who they truly are.

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