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Three Black Swans

Three Black Swans

By Caroline B. Cooney

Published by Delacorte Press

Copyright © 2010

When Missy hears a radio talk show discussing newborns she becomes captured in a thought that has been gaining steam in her head for some time now. She was hoping that her cousin Claire would come to the same conclusion. Since this hasn’t happened Missy decides to perpetrate a hoax on her schools in house morning announcement television broadcast to get her cousin to realize that somehow they are identical twins.

Missy thought Claire would be happy to come to this revelation, but even with the truth staring her in the face she has trouble coming to grips with the idea. Even though Missy tells everyone that it was a hoax, it is too late the video feed has gone viral on You Tube and Facebook. Missy and Claire are about to find out something that they would never have believed in a million years, and their lives will never quite be the same.

Three Black Swans is very character driven with well fleshed out main and secondary characters. While not a typical theft or murder mystery, it is still a mystery. It is a mystery of birth, family, and identity. The suspense hooked me from the opening chapter and I had to take this book home to finish it the day I started it.


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Sent (The Missing: Book 2)

The Missing: Book 2 – Sent

By Margaret Haddix Peterson

Published by Simon & Schuster Books

Copyright © 2009

In this second book of the Missing series, “Sent”, Margaret Haddix Peterson sends her readers on a whirlwind adventure through time.

In the first book, “Found”, Jonah and 35 other kids find out that not only are they adopted, but they were snatched from time and regressed to being infants. JB, short for the time cop known as Janitor Boy by Jonah and Katherine wants to send them back to their original times. He succeeds in sending Chip and Alex back to their time in the 15th century, but Jonah and Katherine grab hold of them and go with them.

Chip and Alex are actually Edward V King of England and Richard Duke of York. Unfortunately history is to play out so that they die at a young age. Instead of yanking Jonah and Katherine back to the 21st century, JB agrees to let them try to fix time without letting Chip and Alex die.  Will they all get back safely?

In “Sent” readers are given a bit of history lesson. The history lesson is weaved almost seamlessly into the story though. There was a bit more intrigue in the first book which made it harder to put down, but this was still a great book of historical science fiction/fantasy that , while slow at times, made you want to keep reading. I personally have to keep reading because I want to know who Jonah and the other kids were originally.

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Found (the Missing: Book 1)

The Missing: Book 1 – Found

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Copyright © 2008

Haddix – Author of the “Among the Hidden” and “The Shadow Children” series – comes at us with another suspenseful series entitled “The Missing”.

It all started 13 years ago with the appearance, literally out of nowhere, of an airplane at an Ohio Airport.  No one saw it land, it didn’t have any clearances, and there were no records of it whatsoever. To make things even odder the plane had no pilot and it was full of babies.

In this first book “found” we are introduced to Jonah, a 13 year old boy who is well aware that he is adopted. He has a loving family who has tried their hardest to be open about his adoption and to make sure that he is well adjusted.  They have succeeded in their efforts up to now, but time has a way of changing things. Well, time and disappearing people.

Jonah has begun to receive anonymous letters telling him he is one of the missing. At first he chalks it up to being a junior high prank, kids picking on him because he is adopted, but then his new friend Chip gets the same letters. Chip to his surprise finds out that he was adopted and his parents never told him. But if Chip didn’t know he was adopted how could anyone at school know?

Chip, Jonah, and Jonah’s sister Katherine decide to investigate, but the more they uncover the less they understand and the more Jonah really wants to know who he really is.

Margaret Haddix has written a masterful suspense for the junior set. (What am I saying, I’m 32 and I loved it.)  Just when you think you are getting answer you end up getting another question with it. She takes the teenage search for an identity to the extreme, with young teens who are dealing with the normal peer/identity issues, and compounds them with adoptions and Sci-fi intrigue. Great book!

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