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The Hero of Little Street

By Gregory Rogers

Published by Roaring Book Press

Copyright © 2012

“The Hero of Little Street” is a colorful romp through art and time with a boy and a dog.

A young boy is playing in Trafalgar Square in front of the National Museum of London when, after an incident with a soccer ball and the three older boys who it belongs to, he quickly runs into said museum to hide. While there he spies many works of art. Little does he know he will soon become part of the works of art; at least for a little while anyway.

“The Hero of Little Street” takes us on a brief trip through the National Museum of London with the feature being the world and art of painter Jan Vermeer. The concept of travelling through art is interesting, but the delivery is uninspiring. As a wordless book the illustrations need to tell the story and keep the interest of the reader. The comic strip style does a good job of telling the story, but the art itself, while nice, is a little too subdued to keep my interest over multiple readings.

So you or your child will probably enjoy reading this book once, but requests for an encore are unlikely.


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